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The Quality strategy of Turbomeca is based on objectives that apply to the entire workforce.
  • Quality is a fundamental factor in maintaining customer satisfaction and assuring that our group achieves the commercial and economic success expected of it. Satisfying our customers is the main priority for each and every employee at Turbomeca.
  • When we talk of product Quality, our aim is to achieve excellent performance levels in all our activities. This means adopting a mindset and an approach to daily work that are characterized by sustained efforts to make improvements every day towards our objective of « zero defect».
  • We must act to prevent all discrepancies and non-conformities by maintaining a high standard throughout the entire industrial process.
  • Each employee who joins our company must follow a quality training course adapted to his/her function.
  • Our suppliers and partners are also an integral part of this initiative and as such, benefit from our total backing and support to carry this objective through to a successful conclusion.