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Turbomeca USA Schedule

For the Turbomeca USA schedule please click on the link below:

1. Go to "Access to all scheduled training sessions"
2. Select USA as your work location   
3. Click search

This will show you all of the classes offered at Turbomeca USA. If you will click on the shopping cart located to the right of the class you need, this will send you to the online pre-enrollment process needed to enroll in the course.

After the pre-enrollment process you will be given a reference number to show where your information has been sent. Within a few days you will receive a confirmation e-mail of your enrollment.

As always if you have any questions or concerns give us a call or an e-mail and we will help you get enrolled in the course you need.

Special Request Classes

The following classes are scheduled by request and may require substantial advance notice.

Engine TypeClass Type
Arriel 2C or 2C1 or 2C2Initial Engine Maintenance
Arrius 1A or 1A1 or 2K1 Initial Engine Maintenance
Makila 1A1 or 2A/2A1Initial Engine Maintenance
Older Generation EnginesInitial Engine Maintenance
All ModelsRefresher or Familiarization or Troubleshooting
All ModelsInitial or 2nd Line Engine Maintenance Refresher (Prerequisite of same level course)
All Models2nd Line Maintenance Only (Initial prerequisite)
Offsite Classes (at Customer’s Location)
Any Class conducted per EASA 147
Any Class conducted under Transport Canada requirements
Any Class requested in a language other than English (cost of Translator is additional)



All classes are conducted by Turbomeca USA, Inc., Grand Prairie, Texas.
All initial classes are in English unless otherwise specified. Class size is limited to 6 students minimum and 10 maximum. 2nd Line Maintenance classes are limited to 6 persons maximum.
All information is subject to change without notice.
Students must meet the following Prerequisites:
For Initial (O-level) maintenance courses, participants must be aeronautical maintenance technicians with at least one year's experience on gas turbine engines.
Participants must understand and speak the language in which the course that they are enrolling in will be given. If this is not the case, TM calls on the services of an interpreter.

Definition of Class Type

Initial Maintenance

Scheduled, Preventive or Corrective Maintenance that is described in the Engine Maintenance Manual, Service Letters, Service Bulletins or Technical Instructions and that is to be performed with the engine installed on the helicopter.

2nd Line Maintenance

Maintenance described in the Engine Maintenance Manual that is to be performed with the engine removed from the helicopter.

Off Site Classes

These classes are to be conducted away from Turbomeca USA at the customer’s location. Scheduling of the dates, times, locations, and class size for these classes will be requested well in advance to allow Turbomeca USA to fit them into the existing schedule.


For new engine deliveries, Turbomeca USA will provide complimentary training for (1) one Mechanic to Level (1) one standards for each engine delivered, training will expire (12) twelve calendar months from the aircraft’s delivery date.
Training designated by a TMUSA contract.

Enrollment Information

Enrollment to attend a class must be made in advance and a written confirmation from the Turbomeca USA Customer Training Department must be presented by the student upon arrival for class. Compliance with U.S. Government I.T.A.R. and T.A.A. regulations required for all students.

For further information or enrollment, please contact the TMUSA Customer Training Department.

Pre-enroll online via our website.

Phone: 972-606-7600 or 800.662.6322 USA 800.553.6322 Canada