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Munich, 30th June 2009

Maiden Flight of two MTR390-E prototype engines

Hallbergmoos (Germany), 30th  June 2009 – Two MTR390-E prototype engines have successfully completed their maiden flight powering the European combat helicopter Tiger at the Eurocopter site at Marignane (France). The first flight and the ground runs gave a clear demonstration of the performance of this new-generation engine. It was developed by Germany based MTRI GmbH, a joint venture including MTU Aero Engines, Turbomeca (Safran Group), Rolls-Royce and ITP.

"The MTR390-E engine will further enhance the performances of the Tiger under demanding flight conditions, providing power growth of 14 per cent for missions in ‘hot and high’ environmental conditions in which the new HAD helicopter will be operated." Clemens Linden, MTRI Managing Director, says, “All of this is possible using the same engine architecture, envelope and installation interfaces,” he continued.

The first flight was performed as planned without any technical problems. The engine demonstrated the increase of power compared to the current MTR390-2C engine. After landing the test pilots were very positive about the demonstrated performance of the two prototype engines.
The MTR390-E now is the most advanced turboshaft engine in its class. An initial batch of 150 units will be produced for the light aircraft groups of the French, German and Spanish armies.

The Tiger with the MTR390-E prototype engines will now start the flight test campaign for certification and qualification.