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The Arrius 2B2, certified in July 2002, delivers 40% more power than the first version of the family. For optimal maintainability, it consists of just two modules: a reduction gearbox module with a power output shaft tilted at 28° and a gas generator module comprising a gas generator turbine with single crystal blades.

The Arrius 2B2 has a TBO of 3,500 hours. It allows take-off weight to be increased to 2,835 kg in category A for temperatures above 20°C (sea level) and has a contingency OEI (One Engine Inoperative) 30-second rating of 610 kW (818 shp). The Arrius family is controlled by an Electronic Engine Control Unit (EECU) which ensures automatic starting, over-temperature, over-torque, surge and flame-out protection as well as engine life-management functions.

The Arrius 2B2 powers the twin-engine light 8-seater Eurocopter EC135. It is used for a wide variety of missions, including EMS, VIP transport and police work.

OEI 30 sec610 kW / 818 shp
OEI 2 min590 kW / 791 shp
OEI Continuous540 kW / 724 shp
Take-off Power472 kW / 633 shp
Length1,158 mm / 45.6 in
Width518 mm / 20.4 in
Height690 mm / 27.2 in
Weight114 kg / 251 Lb

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