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The Arrius 2K1 and 2K2 was FAA-certified in November 2001. They offer 40% more power than the first version of the family, while keeping the same overall structure with only two modules for easier maintenance: a reduction gearbox module and a gas generator module which comprises a gas generator turbine with single crystal blades. The Arrius 2K1/2K2 family is controlled by an Electronic Engine Control Unit (E.E.C.U.) which ensures automatic starting, overtemperature/overtorque/surge/flame-out protection, training mode operation and engine life management functions. The Arrius 2K1/2K2 family has a TBO of 3,000 hours.

The Arrius 2K1 powers the twin-engine Agusta A109 E Power. The A109 E Power performs in medevac (EMS), police work, VIP transport, aerial work, offshore transport, and search and rescue roles.

The Arrius 2K2 powers the twin-engine Agusta A 109 LUH (Light Utility Helicopter) ordered by South Africa Air Force (SAAF), Malaisia and Sweden. The A 109 LUH performs in medevac, surveillance, rescue and troop-carrier military roles.

OEI 2.5 min560/590 kW / 750/791 shp
OEI Continuous500/534 kW / 670/716 shp
AEO (take-off)500/534 kW / 670/716 shp
AEO (Max continuous)426/454 kW / 571/609 shp
Length973 mm / 38.3 in
Width538 mm / 21.9 in
Height638 mm / 25.1 in
Power output shaft speed6,000 rpm

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